Father's Day Gift Box

from Elsylee Galetes Artesanals


One of "The 18 Best Cookies That Come Right to Your Door"


Give Dad a gift he will deliciously sink his teeth into!

Celebrate his special day with our limited edition father's day cookie collection. This gift box was uniquely designed to please even the most discriminating dads. What could be better than buttery goodness sugary DAD cookies and CHOCOLATE: chocolate-coffee, chocolate-peanut butter, chocolate-hazelnut; Plus, some cookie classics: handmade "Oreos" and Oatmeal cookies!

The Father's Day Gift Box contains 33 of the following cookies:

Classic Sugar "DAD" Cookies: These are Simple, Fun, Classic, Delicious! These cookies are a colorful twist on the Classic Iced Sugar Cookie.

Paris Cookies: Almond Shortbread Cookie with a Handmade Hazelnut Infused Chocolate Truffle Middle, Topped with Silky Semisweet Chocolate and Chopped Roasted Almonds.

Los Angeles Cookies: Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. Our most decadent offering is a rich, fudgy Triple Chocolate-Espresso Cookie. We take Valrhona Cocoa and infuse it with Espresso to create a fudge like treat filled with Dark and Milk Chocolate Chip and Roasted Walnuts and Pecans. In our customers own words: "Each bite made me feel as if I had just sipped some espresso!"

Burlington Cookies: Most of our customer agree this is the BEST oatmeal cookie there is. Period! Chewy and Crisp in one Cookie. Delicious Oatmeal, Sweet Montmorency Tart Cherries, and Crunchy Roasted Almond Cookies. THIS CLASSIC NEVER TASTED THIS GOOD!
Our Burlington Cookies were featured the Rachel Ray Show "Snack of the Day". I heard from the segment producer that the cookies were a "huge hit!

New York Cookie: What could be better than homemade "Oreo" cookies!!! This is our delicious take on an American classic born at the Chelsea Market Building in NYC. We take two handcrafted deep chocolate wafer cookies with a homemade vanilla paste frosting center. The perfect sandwich cookie. This cream-filled chocolate cookies exude homey comfort, especially when accompanied by a glass of cold milk :-)

Aspen Cookies: Crisp Peanut Butter Cookie with a Marshmallow Cream Center topped with Silky Fine Semi-Sweet Chocolate.

The 'Father's Collection' comes in an elegant and stylish black box with a stunning bright colored ribbon. Each cookie variety comes in our beautiful packaging which includes the cello bag with tag and ribbon. This box makes a lovely, ready to give gift. Let us know if you'd like to include a handwritten note.

All of our cookies are Made on Demand, By Hand, in Small Batches. We only use the highest quality all-natural and organic ingredients. Our cookies do not include any preservatives or additives. All of our confections are intended to be the ultimate experience of pure, fresh baked deliciousness.


Sugar DAD Cookies: unbleached wheat flour, butter, eggs, sugar, aluminum free baking powder, salt.

Paris Cookies: unbleached wheat flour, almonds, butter, sugar, hazelnuts, chocolate chips.

Los Angeles Cookies: chocolate chips, dutch processed cocoa, unbleached wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, walnuts, pecans, vanilla extract, espresso powder, aluminum-free baking powder, salt.

Burlington Cookies: unbleached wheat flour, oatmeal, wheat germ, butter, sugar, eggs, cherries, almonds, vanilla extract, cinnamon, baking soda, aluminum-free baking powder.

New York Cookies: unbleached wheat flour, rice flour, dutch processed cocoa powder, butter, sugar, vanilla, salt.

Aspen Cookies: almonds, peanuts, unbleached wheat flour, butter, sugar, chocolate chips.


Our gourmet, all-natural artisan cookies represent a European landscape of flavors. Handmade on demand and elegantly packaged, these "mouth-watering delights" use only the highest-quality organic ingredients.
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